Traveling to Sayulita Mexico

Sayulita Mexico is one of the most sought after surf destinations in the world. Thousands of people end up traveling to Sayulita Mexico every year to enjoy surfing, yoga and many other fun, family friendly activities year round.

Some of the important questions that people often ask when travelling to Sayulita Mexico include where to stay, the best times of year to travel, what to see and of course where to eat. Of course we have you covered! Here is our go to guide to travelling in Sayulita Mexico.

Where to stay?

Your hint of paradise awaits you!

Whether you’re looking to stay somewhere rustic and authentic or somewhere luxurious and beyond you can imagine, Sayulita has the place for you.

Whether it is waking up with the birds in the jungle or watching a breathtaking sunset from your ocean view campground or villa, accommodations in Sayulita will fit your needs.

We commit ourselves to booking a perfect fit for your vacation desires; your comfort is our passion and this is why we pride ourselves on being the best choice for your vacation!

Where ever you choose to rest your head, we will personally make sure you have what you need to make your vacation feel even more comfortable than home.

The Best Time Of Year To Travel

The Banderas Bay is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the northwest and the Sierra Madre mountain range to the east.

This geography results in a sub-tropical climate with two seasons dry and rainy. The dry season is a full 320 days each year: and the weather is impeccable. The average temperature is a dry 28 degrees Celsius (82 degrees Fahrenheit) with minimal rain. The wet season, June to October, is hot and humid with tropical rain.

While these conditions are not for every traveler, the wet season is a quiet and less expensive time to visit Sayulita.

Where To Eat

Sayulita is filled with delicious food! If you like to cook, high quality meats and organic local fruits and vegetables will make an unforgettable meal without spending too many pesos. Not to mention Sayulita is a fishing Mecca of Mexico: tasty seafood including Mahi Mahi, tuna, marlin and shrimp for less than $3 per person.

If cooking is not on your to-do list on vacation, have no fear. Sayulita offers restaurants ranging from European and Mediterranean to South American. However you can’t leave without having tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! It is a real food festival no matter the season in Sayulita!

Your SayulitaCruz VIP wristband will not only guide you to the best restaurants ad bars but also will entitle you to discounts: another perk of booking with us.


Foreigners and locals alike come to enjoy the nightlife in Sayulita. Warm weather, cold beer, and a relaxing atmosphere ensure you are enjoying your time once the sun goes down.

The bars and restaurants play rock, reggae, salsa, and top 40- among others- while you sip on tequila and dance the night away. You can also aways find local live bands playing nearly every night. If you like something a little more upbeat, the big night club Puerto Vallarta is well known around Sayulita for its crazy parties. The friendly and chill atmosphere of Sayulita continues into its nightlife, leaving you with unforgettable memories!