Enhance your stay and enjoy the many luxuries of surrounding vendors in Sayulita Mexico with one simple wrist band!

At Sayulita Cruz Surf Camp we make it easy to enjoy your trip with a convenient wrist band that enables you to try many local restaurants, bars and cafes for one price!

Participating Vendors


Bar Don Pato

10% off on cocktails.


Yah Yah Sayulita Cafe

10% off on everything in the morning and 2 for 1 in the afternoon. (Except specialty coffee)


Burrito Revolution

10% on everything

Logo Gusto

Gusto Restaurant

15% off on everything

Ruben Sandwich

15% off with every purchase over 100 pesos

Sayulitasol Jewelery

-10% on everything bought with cash

Surf And Roll

-15% on everything in store

Nirvana Massage

-12% off signature massage (Nirvana’s combination)

-16% off in deep tissue massage & sport massage.